What is Planet Centric Design?

Planet centric design is a methodology for designing products and services that do not harm the planet. It is a challenge as planetary systems are complex and intertwined in ways that humanity does not fully understand. However, this is the reason for which we need design processes and tools that help us navigate complexity and create better solutions for society that fit within the Earth’s boundaries.

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The environmental challenges of today require all of us to take responsibility for the direct impact of our work on the planet. For that, we need to change our mindset, ask questions and conceptualise solutions that focus on social and environmental sustainability. Join our community to start your planet centric journey.

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Planet Centric Principles

Planet Centric Principles open up room for a whole new way of conceptualising products and services, enabling different thinking that can navigate complexity. It is not enough to focus on desirability, viability and feasibility when designing new services. The outputs of design must also be responsible, systemic and transparent.


Be accountable for what you put in the world. All services have the power to change the future and define how others act, so feel the weight of your decisions and stand behind them.


Look beyond the interface and embrace the complexity of value chains and networks of stakeholders. Break down silos, connect the right people to accelerate change and make a real environmental impact.


Open up your processes and systems. Create greater knowledge sharing to inform end-users and accelerate behaviour change for sustainability.

The Planet Centric Design methodology is best applied for co-creating projects with people from different backgrounds and points-of-view. Our goal is to enable collaboration and break down silos. More on Methodology

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